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Prakash PK Menon - Learn to FAIL SMART
PK Menon in a black suit
Prakash “PK” Menon is regarded as one of the most influential Leadership Authorities, Career Transitioning Specialists and Retail Supply Chain Experts.

“There is an undeniable link between failure and success. I call this FAILURE INTELLIGENCE. I have experienced many failures and I have achieved phenomenal success because of them.”

Failure is the fuel, success is a decision. PK’s focus is to help others replicate the level of success he has achieved in accordance with their own aspirations and help clever people be Commercially Smart.
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Accelerate your career to new heights, attract & retain the best talent or launch your career as a Corporate professional.
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Learn how to successfully transition across jobs, professions, industries, countries & cultures.
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Transform your retail supply chain from weak link to core strength & send profits through the roof.

My Mission

“ Helping professionals achieve World Class performance and financial independence. Learn to FAIL SMART. There is an undeniable link between Failure and Success. I call this FAILURE INTELLIGENCE, using your own Thought Leadership. ”
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