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Evolution of Logo Series - McDonalds

  27th December 2016

Founded in 1940 as a Barbecue Restaurant run by the McDonald brothers Richard and Maurice, it’s logo was likewise. It was called “Famous barbecue” at that time. In 1948 the business got a makeover, and started selling hamburgers. The name ws changed to “Famous Hamburgers”.The logo changed naturally. However, the McDonald brothers always had the arches in mind. Richard thought if they put a big logo in the shape of arches, it might attract more crowd.


Remember that your greatest gift is so much stronger than your deepest fear.

  24th Dec 2016

Look at those high potential people queuing up for menial jobs. Intelligent, young men and women willing to sell their precious youth to the jobs they hate and the people they detest, just so that they can get that ‘safety of a paycheck’. At the end, despite having worked hard for most of their life, most people die with regrets.


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