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Retail Organizations & Retail Specialists Corporate Professionals & CEOs Entrepreneurs & Consultants

As an internationally acclaimed corporate professional, entrepreneur and retail supply chain expert who has made several successful career transitions in his life to date, Prakash Menon is the ideal fit to help:

Retail Organizations & Retail Specialists

In the game of retail, the greatest strength lies not just in systems and inventory but also in the people within the business (yes, even in today’s online world). Yet people solely rely on effective systems and processes to maximize their own performance, as a result, winning the game in retail (or any other industry for that matter) takes a strategic combination of:
• ‘Soft’ people related skills
• Technical skills
• Accountability to stay on track
• The key drivers to ensure each move happens with precision and timeliness

Prakash can help you and your organization focus on what’s critical in order to become an industry leader. Where the emphasis in retail used to be predominantly on process, structure and price, today the emphasis must be on innovation, inspiration, integration, differentiation and faultless execution if you want to do more than just survive.

Corporate Professionals & CEOs

Learn what it takes to join the ranks of world class corporate professionals & leaders.

Prakash Menon works with is for the leaders who know that
• being the runner up or second best will never be good enough if you are to rise to the top
• with the increased level of responsibility comes formidable challenges
• in order to succeed there is a need for global intelligence, innovation and the creation of exceptional value

With Prakash Menon you will be able to:
• Stand out from the crowd and be recognized as the top 1% in any organization
• Be inspired by someone who has been to the top and has been mentored by the world’s best himself
• Uncover the best in you while leveraging on the experience of a specialist.
• Become an aspirational leader worth following

Entrepreneurs & Consultants

Prakash Menon is one of the foremost and most sought after experts in building your own practice. He is a Thought Leaders Global Partner can fast track your success with the revolutionary Thought Leadership curriculum. Learn to identify, package and successfully sell your uniqueness.

Encounter various aspects of becoming a successful entrepreneur or practice based consultant.

• Master the art of strategic thinking by capturing, packaging, positioning and selling your thoughts
• Work smarter, not harder, by utilizing the productivity toolkit which will assist you in achieving more with greater efficiency and speed.
• Overcome limiting beliefs about oneself and open up the road to success, achieving goals and dreaming bigger.
• Leave a legacy and live the kind of life you have always wanted
• Position yourself as an authority - be known for knowing
• Create a definitive action plan that details what to do and what to avoid at each stage of your development.
• Communicate your game plan to ensure maximum stakeholder traction.

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What Others Are Saying

“ For me Prakash has been a Friend, Philosopher & a guide. I have always taken inspiration from the way Prakash has risen to the pinnacle in his field. He was just a phone call away for any advice, be it career of personal. Prakash is a born leader and a very dedicated family man. His ability to balance his work and personal life is also worth mentioning here. Any organisation that Prakash works for would benefit from his style and drive to deliver excellence in whichever area he works in. ”
{tag_title} Gaurav Wankhede
Inventory Optimisation,Business Manager , Royal Australian Air Force