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Prakash Menon

International Speaker - Author - Mentor

Prakash Menon is a global partner with Thought Leaders Global, Australia and Executive Director, Thought Leaders Middle East. He is also a Partner at Stanton Chase in the Middles East, and the Practice Leader for Leadership Transitions across the region. He is regarded by many as an authority on personal leadership transition, and is an award winning business thought leader and inspirational speaker.

He is an Internationally acclaimed speaker, published author and dynamic mentor who specializes in the areas of thought leadership, career transitioning and acceleration, entrepreneurship and education. Prakash Menon combines strong, proven business acumen with wit, wisdom, finesse and poise.

Prakash Menon has had significant corporate careers across two continents where he fast tracked his career to the top. As a former board member and Director Of Supply Chain at MYER - Australia, a $3.2 billion retail giant, adding $25 million to the profit in just 10 months and a whopping $290 million to the profit over the next 3 years.

He is one of the most sought out Global Business Strategist currently engaged with multinationals and centers of excellence across the Middle East, Iran, India, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Australia and the USA streamlining processes, creating high-performance cultures and in adding significant value to the bottom line. His passion and expertise is to help industry leaders, corporate professionals and leaders of the future, turbo charge their careers and position themselves globally among the best in their field.

Prakash himself has been mentored by some of the world’s best coaches and has successfully mentored executives across a plethora of industries and stood by their side as they rose to career heights they never dreamed of.

He has written and co-authored a number of books including:
  • Driven - Whatever it Takes
  • Fail Smart - An Undeniable Link Between Failure and Success
  • Supply Chain is Sexy - Harnessing the Retail Revolution
  • Inspiration - The How to Guide For Future Leaders to Achieve Victory
  • Rocketing Retail Profits – With Excellence in Merchandise Planning
  • Pump Up Your ROI – From Good to Great Buying in Retail
  • Power Up Your Retail – Powerful Financial Excellence for Retail Store
  • Good Buyer, Great Negotiator – Fact-based Negotiation in Retail
  • Checkmate in Retail – Dynamic Strategy for Retailers in a Volatile Retail Environment

Prakash is the Executive Director of the Global Retail Academy

The 21st Century retail environment demands innovation, inspiration, integration, differentiation and faultless execution if you want to do more than just survive. The Global Retail Academy is setup with the vision to educate, empower and equip professionals and leaders through technical, vocational, managerial and leadership programs.

The Global Retail Academy has carefully designed an all encompassing, revolutionary and highly engaging Black Belt in Retail Program alongside a dynamic Retail and Supply Chain Mastery Program. The Academy has an elite, signature Retail Ninja Program (career acceleration) and the Retail Millionaire Program (career transitioning) for those leaders who want to take themselves to the next level.

Checkmate in Retail
Power Up Your Retail
Good Buyer Great Negotiator
Pump up your ROI
Winning Formulas in Retail
Rocketing Retail Profits
Supply Chain is Sexy
Fail Smart

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“ Prakash 'PK' is an extraordinary individual. He is someone who will fast become one of your trusted advisors should you meet with him. No doubt his professional career qualifies him as one of the leading authorities on Retail Supply Chains. I encourage people to explore his work on DRIVE. His story DRIVEN – from Mumbai to Myers is a ripping read and chock full of amazing insights on what it takes to succeed in life and business. I highly recommend PK to anyone wanting to get ahead in life. ”
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Founder, Thought Leaders