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Enterprise Thought Leadership

Driving Innovation and Performance from within

Enterprise Thought Leadership has the power to take your people from knowing something to be known for something. Once this significant positioning shift occurs, your organisation's ability to drive business and sales and attract and retain the best talent will improve exponentially. This program takes you on a carefully planned journey towards best in the world status and is tailored to your organisation's needs.

Retail Thought Leadership Imperative

The 9 Essential Skills for the 21st Century Retail Thought Leader


The 21st century retail environment is more fast-paced, competitive and unpredictable than ever before. What seemed unthinkable yesterday is either commonplace or on the verge of being introduced today. As a result, it’s now harder than ever to set your business apart from the rest, especially given the growing trend to shop online.The challenge to differentiate your business from others is two-fold.

Retail Mastery Imperative

Building a world-class retail business in less than 12 months

The 21st century retail environment is more fast-paced, competitive and unpredictable than ever before. What seemed unthinkable yesterday is either commonplace or on the verge of being introduced today. As a result, there has never been a greater need for retailers to stay relevant and ahead of the game as opposed to simply keeping up.

Thought Leadership Imperatives

Leverage your ideas for maximum commercial success

The business world has changed dramatically in the last decade and continues to change exponentially. Where the focus used to be predominantly on systems, processes, structure and hierarchy, today the emphasis must be more on innovation, inspiration, differentiation and collaboration for any business to do more than just survive. These qualities are central to the growing global practice of Thought Leadership.

Raise Your Profile

Be known for knowing something

The world has changed. To drive your business or career to exceptional heights today demands that you have the ability to connect with, inspire and influence as opposed to ‘sell’ yourself and your ideas. This is true no matter what industry you are a part of or where in the world you operate. In today’s competitive commercial landscape where every professional is looking to innovate, it pays to play the positioning game.

Win the War for Talent

How to attract, retain & empower the best to drive innovation & performance from within

No matter what type of organisation you lead, your people are your greatest asset. After all, just as no soldier has ever won a battle alone, no business leader has ever led his/her organisation to the top without the support of his/her troops. Competitive advantage comes from winning the 'war for talent'. But in order to attract, retain and empower the best talent, you must first understand what today's most talented people want.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Drive your productivity

You know what they say, ‘when the going gets tough, the tough get going’. But the harsh reality is, all but around 5% of the population fail to follow through on their initial plans. Why? Because inspiration has a shelf life. One of the most common reasons people fail to last the distance is that their initial desire and belief (no matter how strong) fails to translate into ongoing action due to waning resilience and focus when the going gets tough. Even the best and brightest superstars eventually hit their moment of truth over time. It is at this point that their path can go one of two ways. They can sink into the black hole of oblivion or they can rise above the superstar status and become a supernova.

Fail Smart™

Transform failure into triumph

There is a strategic process to achieving the level of success you desire. And there are strategies and techniques to maintaining your momentum and enjoying the fruits of your efforts once you get there. This is the essence of Fail Smart™.


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