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The 21st century retail environment is more fast-paced, competitive and unpredictable than ever before. What seemed unthinkable yesterday is either commonplace or on the verge of being introduced today.

As a result, there has never been a greater need to stay relevant and ahead of the game as opposed to simply keeping up. With the world becoming smaller and people (your staff and consumers or your retail clients) becoming increasingly savvy and wanting more than just a great product, price, service or pay packet, a reliance on just the development of technical skills in retail is no longer enough. Similarly, being better than 98% of the competition is no longer good enough because every single one of your competitors is just a click away. The only positioning you can count on today is being the best in the world.

In the game of retail, the greatest strength lies not just in systems and inventory but in the people within the business (yes, even in today’s online world). Yet people solely rely on effective systems and processes to maximize their own performance, as a result, winning the game in retail (or any other industry for that matter) takes a strategic combination of:

The Global Retail Academyfocuses on the combination ot the above alongside vocational, managerial and leadership programs for global and local retailers and those seeking to join and work in the exciting world of retail sector. Where the emphasis in retail used to be predominantly on process, structure and price, today the emphasis must be on innovation, inspiration, integration, differentiation and faultless execution if you want to do more than just survive.

The Global Retail Academy also specializes in retail career transitioning and career acceleration programs. These programs are for those who want to go above and beyond in their retail careers or for those who aspire to make a name from themselves by stepping out on their own. The Retail Ninja program and the Retail Millionaire Expert program will be supported by exclusive group coaching sessions with retail thought leaders and leadership transition specialists.

Who can sign up for this? Who will benefit?

Anyone can sign up for this, it is open for all.
Those what will benefit from this are Retail Professionals, from first level staff on the floor to Retail Managers, CEO, Learning Managers and Supply Chain Professionals.
Our Leadership programs and modules are also relevant for those in corporate careers who would like to develop 21st century leadership skills and for those who want to go from being corporate to self-employed.
University students who are focused on joining the retail industry will immensely profit from our extensive retail technical programs. This is also beneficial for those who are preparing to become corporate ready and/or becoming entrepreneurs.

How are the online modules delivered?

The online modules are your own personal video library, you can access them any time of the day and from anywhere using your login. You can watch them in any order that you choose.
Some modules like the Black Belt in Retail Program as supplemented by reading materials with more practice questions and solutions.

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“ I first met Prakash (PK) Menon during the private equity purchase of Myer, incorporating extraction from Coles Myer. I came on board as CEO in 2006 and PK, for a fiveyear period, was a highly involved, important member of the Executive team. Over the years, I have come to experience not only his strong business acumen, but also his baring wit, wisdom, and his ability to tell a good story. All these are demonstrated in PKs memoir, making for a fascinating and entertaining read. ”
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