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Famous Retailers Series - Karl-Johan Persson

  5th January 2017

Karl-Johan Persson, the 41 year old CEO and President of Swedish high street fashion brand H&M. He joined the company in 2005 as an operational manager and in just 4 years assumed the role of CEO.

H&M was founded in 1947 by his grandfather Erling Persson. Initially it was called Hennes (meaning Her’s in Swedish). Later the company acquired Mauritz Widforss, hence the new name Hennes & Mauritz, aka H&M. Soon, it expanded across Europe. It opened its doors to the US customers in 2000, with its new store on Fifth Avenue, New York City. The company currently has over 3900 stores across the world.


Everyone works in Human Resources. We are all paid to develop the talents of the people we work with.

  3rd Jan 2017

Right from the front line manager to the CEO, all get paid to develop the people they work with, this task cannot and must not be left to HR alone. The leader has to grow his core. He has to grow his people. He must focus on his people more than anything, yes, even more than money.


Mediocrity is a mindset. Avoid the mental viruses of negative people.

  3rd Jan 2017

While mediocrity can feel comfortable or even smart in the short run, it would be detrimental to long term career success, financial status, and overall mental and spiritual welfare of the worker. It is far more painful to face the regret of having known that you did not give your best, else even you “could have been”.


Testimonial - Shruti Nargundkar

  4th January 2017

I have found Prakash to be one of the most inspiring people I met in a long time. His work, his thoughts and ideas, his persona, his enthusiasm for life, learning and mentoring, the success he has achieved in the corporate world and the energy he exudes are simply astonishing and marvellous, and yet he is so refreshingly down to earth, humble and charming!

- Shruti Nargundkar, Director at NEXTEXT


What Others Are Saying

“ For me Prakash has been a Friend, Philosopher & a guide. I have always taken inspiration from the way Prakash has risen to the pinnacle in his field. He was just a phone call away for any advice, be it career of personal. Prakash is a born leader and a very dedicated family man. His ability to balance his work and personal life is also worth mentioning here. Any organisation that Prakash works for would benefit from his style and drive to deliver excellence in whichever area he works in. ”
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Inventory Optimisation,Business Manager , Royal Australian Air Force

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