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Bernie BrookesBernie Brookes
CEO, MYER Stores Ltd

“I first met Prakash (PK) Menon during the private equity purchase of Myer, incorporating extraction from Coles Myer. I came on board as CEO in 2006 and PK, for a fiveyear period, was a highly involved, important member of the Executive team. Over the years, I have come to experience not only his strong business acumen, but also his baring wit, wisdom, and his ability to tell a good story. All these are demonstrated in PKs memoir, making for a fascinating and entertaining read. ”
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Bill WavishBill Wavish
Former Executive Chairman , MYER Stores Ltd

“I first met Prakash Menon (PK) as we prepared to take delivery of the acquisition of Myer Department Stores, with my partners TPG and Bernie Brookes. Myer was and is Australia's largest department store chain with a turnover in the region of $USD 3 billion. We paid about $1.4 bil for the business. I was Executive Chairman and PK was an existing employee of Myer. Having previously been instrumental in turning around Woolworths, Australia's largest supermarket chain, we had a very clear vision of what was required to fix this long financially troubled Myer business. We brought about 10 executives with us to Myer. PK was one of the few senior executives at Myer we chose to keep, as we assessed him as having a good knowledge of retail, and a strong intellect to absorb and deliver our needs. He was appointed Director of Supply Chain. We had a very clear idea of what major improvements were possible in the Myer supply chain. After our involvement with the Woolworths and WalMart supply chains, we had very strong views as to how important supply chain was and is, and were targeting to halve the Myer supply chain costs. PK had responsibility for delivering this target, which he did with hard work, an excellent intellect, good team leadership, and a desire to learn and achieve world's best practice. Supply chain under PK played a very important role in what was to become a highly successful and profitable turnaround at Myer. I have no hesitation in recommending PK as a seasoned and knowledgeable supply chain expert, having delivered worldclass supply chain metrics at Myer. ”
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Matt ChurchMatt Church
Founder, Thought Leaders

“Prakash 'PK' is an extraordinary individual. He is someone who will fast become one of your trusted advisors should you meet with him. No doubt his professional career qualifies him as one of the leading authorities on Retail Supply Chains. I encourage people to explore his work on DRIVE. His story DRIVEN – from Mumbai to Myers is a ripping read and chock full of amazing insights on what it takes to succeed in life and business. I highly recommend PK to anyone wanting to get ahead in life. ”
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Kylie HammondKylie Hammond
Chief Executive Officer & Founder, Board Portfolio

“I have had the enormous pleasure of working with PK in a number of situations including business mentoring and board advisory. PK has joined a number of Board's that I have recruited for and he is an exceptional Board Director, one of the new breed of highly qualified, experienced and committed Board Directors. I have seen him work closely with the Board of Directors, entrepreneurs and business founders and he is nothing short of inspirational in support of business growth and business improvement. It goes without saying that PK is a Supply Chain & Logistics guru, and he generously shares his expertise and experience in these areas. In a business mentoring context, PK is a highly qualified and certified mentor who I would have no hesitation in highly recommending. His business mentoring programs are unique and his mentoring style is positive, results orientated and uplifting. I feel truly honoured to be able to write this recommendation. ”
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Simon WardSimon Ward
Managing Director, Tauro Capital Partners

“Prakash is one of the most exciting and interesting people I have ever met in business. He's obviously an incredibly accomplished professional, but he's also a man of action, who uses his impeccable judgement and vision to back entrepreneurs and businesses with his capital and support at the outset. As a Director he is a measured, professional and intelligent perfectionist. He is very much a giver of energy, support and inertia on those people lucky enough to spend time with him in business. This creates business environments where other people try to match his commitment and contributions and this energy is the vital fuel for growing successful businesses. He has my vote for the most influential and important contact I have made in the last 12 months of business. ”
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Pauline DuncanPauline Duncan
Managing Director, Knowledge Box

“Prakash Menon is a valued colleague, friend and mentor. Prakash has had a stellar corporate career in Supply Chain Management and Logistics and senior roles across the retail sector and in management. His career highlights are noteworthy, however I believe it is the personal qualities of Prakash that really set him apart. Prakash is a leader. Prakash operates with integrity, insight, patience, humility, and good humour _ he has a sharp intellect, is tenacious and possesses an incredible work ethic. PK displays care and compassion for others in all he undertakes. I believe these are rare qualities, and qualities that are greatly needed in business _ Prakash brings vision, entrepreneurial flair and an understanding of innovation with the ability to take ideas to the next level through strategic execution a commitment to excellence and results. It is a pleasure and privilege to endorse Prakash Menon. ”
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Girish BanavaliGirish Banavali
Director, Tristar Finance Group

“I have known Prakash for the last 25 yrs. we met in November 2005 after a gap of 18 yrs. That day Prakash said something to me that changed my life forever. He shared his unique success philosophies and his life changing insights. He shared with me his personal pillars of success which transformed my life. Prakash has always generously given me his valuable time and shared his Wisdom. He consistently supports me and motivates me. This has helped me skyrocket my attitude and my income. Prakash is a trusted friend and I am grateful for his transformational mentorship. ”
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Shruti NargundkarShruti Nargundkar
MD/CEO, Education Access ( Australia) Pty Ltd

“I have found Prakash to be one of the most inspiring people I met in a long time. His work, his thoughts and ideas, his persona, his enthusiasm for life, learning and mentoring, the success he has achieved in the corporate world and the energy he exudes are simply astonishing and marvellous, and yet he is so refreshingly down to earth, humble and charming! ”
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Ali MohammedAli Mohammed
Director/Financial Planner , Planet insurance & Financial Planning Pty Ltd

“I have met Prakash through a common contact. Apart from being an expert in Supply Chain part of retail industry, Prakash is excellent with people. Prakash can bring out the best in you and motivate you to think out of the box to set and reach higher goals for yourself. I would certainly recommend Prakash to anyone who wanted to achieve bigger things in life. ”
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Gaurav WankhedeGaurav Wankhede
Inventory Optimisation,Business Manager , Royal Australian Air Force

“For me Prakash has been a Friend, Philosopher & a guide. I have always taken inspiration from the way Prakash has risen to the pinnacle in his field. He was just a phone call away for any advice, be it career of personal. Prakash is a born leader and a very dedicated family man. His ability to balance his work and personal life is also worth mentioning here. Any organisation that Prakash works for would benefit from his style and drive to deliver excellence in whichever area he works in. ”
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Mark MillarMark Millar
Managing Director, M Power Associates

“It is a great pleasure to know Prakash through the Thought Leader Community. His story is really interesting and includes a very successful corporate career including executive leadership roles at Myer, the largest department store chain in Australia. At Meyer, Prakash led the supply chain transformation, through which they were able to transform their supply chain into a truly world class operation, with huge cost savings driving significant dollars to the bottom line. Prakash is a well respected thought leader, in the disciplines of supply chain management and business leadership, and also in his personal drive to empower other people to succeed in their chosen endeavours. ”
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Cerian GriffithsCerian Griffiths
Freelance Writer, Cerian Griffiths

“Prakash PK Menon, is a universe of his own building. Highly articulate, exceedingly intelligent, a strategic thinker, PK has an innate understanding of human nature, and is a veritable font of knowledge. Not only wise, he has an excellent grasp of communication skills and use of language. His people skills are second to none, and I cant imagine he is anything other than an excellent mentor. Anyone would be lucky to achieve a position under PKs wing, and he will only be of benefit to those around him, both in a knowledge aspect, a sharing one, but also just his imparting of trust and his to the point honest approach. He has a great sense of humour and his positivity is infectious. Prakash Menon is the real deal. He will greatly benefit anyone who chooses to pursue a professional relationship with him, and I look forward to working with him in the future. I feel fortunate to be able to do so. ”
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Paul TulipPaul Tulip
Executive Search - Consumer Retail & Wholesale, Ethos Corporation Pty Ltd ( Australia)

“Prakash is one of a kind. I have had the pleasure of knowing him for a couple of years now and I am still finding out new things about him! I still laugh at his answer to the question I asked him regarding why he wanted to come to Australia all those years ago..Cricket and Crocodile Dundee!!PK tells a great story but is also a good listener and has given me an abundance of sound advice and support. I look forward to watching how this new chapter of his life unfolds and can confidently say he will over achieve in anything he puts his mind to. ”
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Ed St JohnEd St John
Non Executive Director, Shooii

“PK is the Guru _ not just of Supply Chain Logistics, but of Strategy and Process as well. Hes a smart man, hes an innovator and he gets things done all in all a great contributor to our Shooii board. ”
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Cristina MasalaCristina Masala
Communications Liaison Officer, Bourse Communications Pty Ltd

“Working with Prakash has given me the opportunity to learn and write about his amazing journey. His story is one of great integrity and essence. I find every conversation with Prakash uplifting, as he is always exuberant, friendly, approachable and happy to share his knowledge and experiences. What strikes me most about Prakash is his insightfulness and his passion for people. He is a natural leader and a true visionary in his field. ”
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Prateeksha AhujaPrateeksha Ahuja
Student, University of Melbourne

“Prakash has been a mentor/professional guide or sorts for the commencement of my career in Australia. His insightful discussions have left me with a lot to learn from. He is a passionate professional with a charismatic personality and has the ability to make you believe in your dreams. His hard work and efforts are evident in his successes over the years. He has been an inspiring influence. ”
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Michael HobdayMichael Hobday
Regional Facilities Manager, MYER Stores Ltd

“Prakash is a creative and distinguished business leader, I had the pleasure of working with PK at Myer and was a beneficiary of his mentoring style of leadership. I would recommend Prakash in all future endeavours, with the highest integrity and genuine approach to people and business. ”
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Garry ConnellGarry Connell
Director, Trak Recruiting and Scarlett Recruitment

“I have known Prakash for some time and certainly admire his career journey to date and the achievements and successes he can point to. Always helpful and pleasant, he is a people person who also displays tremendous personal drive and tenacity. Finally, it would be remiss of me not to mention his intellectual capacity that is definitely superior, but because of his humble nature might at first be underestimated. ”
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Sophie StefanettiSophie Stefanetti
Concessions Marketing , MYER Stores Ltd

“Prakash is a true inspiration. His positive energy is infectious and it encourages everyone around him to strive for their absolute personal and profession best. I admire Prakash's work/life values and his determination to continually achieve great things. Thank you for your advice and guidance. Live life on your terms. ”
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Cathy CampbellCathy Campbell
HR Manager, MYER Stores Ltd

“Prakash is an extremely inspirational leader. He leads with confidence, with intelligence and with an anything can be achieved approach which he has now applied in a very successful way in his own life. Emerging leaders in the business were always inspired by PK and his journey. PK also has a great respect for people he works with and achieves what needs to be done with unquestionable integrity. I have no doubt he will achieve whatever he sets out to do. ”
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Jacqueline M.JamesJacqueline M.James
Executive Assistant, MYER Stores Ltd

“Working along side Prakash as he managed a team of SMEs in creating a world class supply chain for Myer Pty Ltd as we transitioned away from Coles Myer, was an opportunity that does not come along everyday and one that I was proud to be a part of. Prakash is an outstanding leader with a business acumen of the highest standard. He is a wonderful mentor and motivator a true leader in todays corporate world. ”
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Gautam DevGautam Dev
General manager Of Human Resources ( Talent, Organisational development and Planning), Coles Group

“I interacted with Prakash during the time when Myer was establishing itself as a standalone organisation. I found him to be an extremely insightful, dedicated and hard working individual. His contribution to setting up the Myer organisations supply chain and logistics was, in my opinion, an integral part of that organisations success. I wish him well in his new venture. ”
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Dean EnticottDean Enticott
Project Manager, MYER Stores Ltd

“I would like to recommend Prakash for the 3 years I worked with him at Myer. Starting as a graduate Prakash was a mentor of mine playing a significant part in my personal and career development. His professionalism, drive and inspiration is unquestionable and as a result he achieved great results in Supply Chain and National Store Operations. It would be a great pleasure to work with him again. ”
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Dinesh RajalingamDinesh Rajalingam
Forecasting and Replenishment Analyst, MYER Stores Ltd

“I had the pleasure to work with Prakash Menon for 3 years at Myer, and always looked up to him for inspiration and problem solving skills when in need. He always demonstrated the key characterising of a good leader in leading by example, passionate about the challenges and finding solutions, take ownership of the crisis when in one, derived a plan to overcome and implement the plan by delegating to key people who were capable of getting the job done. Prakash always had a way of explain the challenges in a very simple and effective manner, by break it down to small pieces and solving one at a time. He was also a great listener and an advocate for fellow participants to be creative in providing solutions for the issues on hand. I would highly recommend Prakash to become a consultant and share his vast knowledge and experience in supply chian and leadership management, which the respective industries would greatly benefit. ”
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Anand SubrimaniamAnand Subrimaniam

“I have known Prakash for over two decades and have worked with him on several projects since then. He is a passionate believer that supply chain network design and inventory optimisation solutions are fundamental to securing highly responsive and reliable supply chain performance. A no nonsense, results driven, one who sets the example for his peers and subordinates by driving positive change and demonstrating a strong work ethic. His ability and willingness to manage the balance between doing things right and doing the right thing and his laserlike focus on process improvement coupled with a passion for team development contributed heavily to Myers success. The changes implemented then were cutting edge and are now considered standard practice within the FMCG industry. For the very many lucky people who have interacted with Prakash would vouch for his magnetic personality, excellent people skills and positive outlook. He is an excellent mentor and coach who has the special insight of ones unique characteristics and hidden strengths. He is excellent at creating rapport and has the facility of guiding and motivating people in the right direction. He delivers tough feedback with diplomacy encouraging one to use the criticism to create a positive action plan to fuel change. Simply put, he is not only an intelligent, can do person that can be relied upon to get things done, but also a great professional to associate with. Passionate about excellence of outcome and professionally demanding, but always with good grace and a great sense of humour. ”
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Bob QuirkBob Quirk
Senior Project Manager/Consultant, XAct Solutions

“I was supporting Prakash as he lead Myers supply chain through its transition of from the Coles Group. He is a professional manager who has insight into identifying dividends and key risk areas. He is highly skilled in motivating negotiating and leading teams through significant change to deliver outstanding results. I highly recommend his work in challenging and demanding environments. ”
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Scott BraddyScott Braddy
Supply Chain Manager , MYER Stores Ltd

“I have the pleasure to have known Prakash for several years as we worked closely together to implement then transform Myers Supply Chain following the separation from Coles. This enormous project was delivered ahead of time and under budget Prakash is a passionate and motivated individual of high calibre and integrity with an intense desire to successfully deliver results. He is a visionary, who is committed to excellence and is a true leader. I highly recommend Prakash. ”
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Darragh MillerDarragh Miller
Merchandise Logistics & Replenishment Manager , MYER Stores Ltd

“I had the pleasure of working with Prakash during the transformation of the Myer supply chain from Coles Group starting in 2006. It was a period of great change for the company under the new leadership team and ownership structure. We faced a great many challenges together and the Myer team achieved and exceeded against almost every objective and expectation. Throughout this fantastic journey Prakash demonstrated strong leadership, passion, enthusiasm and a complete focus on ensuring all expectations were met or overachieved. Prakash also showed a strong commitment to his team and provided many opportunities for his team to take on additional responsibilities thus accelerating their career progression and this was certainly the case with me. This last aspect is the sign of a true leader and a great testimony to his character and willingness to share the opportunities. I greatly enjoyed working with Prakash, both professionally and personally and learnt a great deal from him. I know he will continue his orbit of success in his many new ventures and look forward to following his progress. ”
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John AmmJohn Amm
Inetrnational Supply Chain Manager , MYER Stores Ltd

“Prakash lead the Myer supply chain team through the transition from Coles and was the central figure in changing the culture within the team and ensuring that the new Myer Supply Chain delivered on its KPIs and met its cost targets. ”
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Carolyn SchrotenCarolyn Schroten
Senior Project Manager , XAct Solutions Pty Ltd

“I would like to recommend Prakash Menon for the period we worked together on the Supply Chain network development for Myer. Prakash has very strong relationships skills and ensures the required involvement at all levels. He has accepted and managed a major change in organisational structure during the transition following the demerger of Myer from the Coles group. Prakash will take on major challenges with exuberant energy. ”
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Vijay HingoraniVijay Hingorani
Store Manager, MYER Stores Ltd

“Prakash is one of the most dedicated, resultsdriven, business savvy and an inspirational professional. He always gives his 100% input and in return demands the same from his peers, colleagues and direct reports. On a personal level, he is an absolute gentleman, a loving family man and one of the most approachable and an intensely selfmotivated person. In the 20 odd years I have known Prakash (both at work and socially), I have always admired his consistency at remaining positive no matter what the situation. I feel that he possesses extremely admirable skills and behaviour that rubs off easily on people around him. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with and knowing Prakash and wish him all the very best in his exciting and ambitious future endeavours. ”
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Terry FitzsimonsTerry Fitzsimons
Senior Project Manager , XAct Solutions

“Prakash is the most success focused person I know. His enthusiasm and drive used to push projects to their completion is unparalleled in my experience in consulting. I would be pleased to work with/ for Prakash at any time. He is honest, forthright and practical and I wish him all the best in his future endeavours. ”
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John WelshJohn Welsh
Regional Distribution and National Transport manager , MYER Stores Ltd

“I worked with Prakash while setting up the New Myer supply chain, transitioning from the Coles Group at the same time transforming into a World Class Supply Chain. Prakash was an inspirational leader, was clear and precise in the objectives he set. He managed the level of service and costs with a true passion; he was open and supportive with very clear goals. No stone was left unturned and he set the vision for what has now a truly evolved into a world class supply chain based on effectiveness, efficiency and economical matrix based upon the sound foundations set by Prakash Menon. A true pleasure to work with Prakash Menon on this impressive project. ”
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Danny BusijaDanny Busija
National Director, Supply Chain & Logistics Association Australia (SCLAA)

“I have been fortunate to have now known Prakash for over 5 years both professionally and personally. From his role in transforming the Supply Chain at Myer to telling us that The Supply Chain is Sexy, PK has had an important and profound impact on our growing industry. PK is a thorough professional who engages with people at their level. And because of this, things get done. I find PK and very positive, passionate and inspiring person. ”
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Debbie MenziesDebbie Menzies
HR Manager-Stores, MYER Stores Ltd

“I had the pleasure to work on the Supply Chain Project at Myer with Prakash. Following the sale of Myer from the Coles Group Myer embarked on setting up its own Supply Chain. While there were many of us working on the project, without Prakashs unending dedication to the end result we would not have been able to open three new distribution centres, including building one from scratch and deliver the result ahead of the project deadline. Prakash was instrumental in delivering this outcome. He constantly strives for the best way to get the job done. His questions are always intelligent and his insight is spot on. Prakash is a dedicated, passionate professional _ not only in the Supply Chain space but in whatever area he chooses to apply himself. I would highly recommend Prakash to anyone who is looking for a results driven individual who can maintain his composure and sense of humour even in the most difficult of situations. I hope I have the pleasure of working with him again in the future. ”
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Mark GoddardMark Goddard
General Manager Merchandise and Marketing, Kmart Australia

“Prakash has always been able to identify the solution to complex problems and processes, however most importantly he has been able to execute and deliver the solutions. Key to this has been his ability to develop, build and bring the team along on the journey. His ability to influence and interact with all levels of the organisation and add value has been key in his success, together with his passion and belief in people. ”
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Raj SahaRaj Saha
Operations Manager, MYER Stores Ltd

“Prakash (PK) has been instrumental in streamlining our supply chain at Myer. His famous catch phrase Supply Chain is sexy still echoes around the Myer circles. I am very proud & privileged to be associated with such an astute individual. Prakashs down to earth approach coupled with his professional demeanour is highly commendable. Ii wish him all the very best for his future endeavours. ”
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Gerhard LohmannGerhard Lohmann
Managing Director, CFO Asset Management Division , Credit Suisse

“Prakash and I have studied together at Wharton. I have gotten to know Prakash as an insightful contributor to the academic debate, a reliable and trusted senior business professional, and a good colleague and friend. ”
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Petr MorjakPetr Morjak
Managing Partner , Morjak Consulting

“I have met Prakash at Wharton where we attended the Advanced Management Program, which is one of the best leadership and senior management programs in the world. Myers had chosen Prakash to be send there over the other top candidates from Myers management which shown his potential to be the next CEO in any organisation. His story DRIVEN _ from Mumbai to Myers is his life experience _ If it Does'nt Kill You, It Makes You Stronger. He is a good leader not only if things are going well but also when time is tough. It is with great pleasure that I recommend. ”
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Simon MouattSimon Mouatt
Director, High Touch Leadership

“Prakash is incredibly gifted person whos natural intellect and ability is only matched by his inspiring determination to succeed. He used his amazing experience and knowledge to great advantage not only for his own development but also for the benefit of all around him. He was always approachable and affable, able to quickly get to the heart of the matter and gives constructive advice in a supportive manner. To top it all off, Prakash is a wonderfully warm person who is highly respected and deeply admired by not just by myself but also by others in the room. Even without knowing of his outstanding achievements in business and his personal life, I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who wants to employ his services based only on what I saw in Mastermind. ”
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Vineet AhujaVineet Ahuja
Business Owner,

“I am amazed by PK’s method of delivery and the vast knowledge he has given me. Attending the 2day workshop has allowed me to realise that I can achieve the goals I have set for myself, not just in business, but in life. ”
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What Others Are Saying

“ I first met Prakash (PK) Menon during the private equity purchase of Myer, incorporating extraction from Coles Myer. I came on board as CEO in 2006 and PK, for a fiveyear period, was a highly involved, important member of the Executive team. Over the years, I have come to experience not only his strong business acumen, but also his baring wit, wisdom, and his ability to tell a good story. All these are demonstrated in PKs memoir, making for a fascinating and entertaining read. ”
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CEO, MYER Stores Ltd

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