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Black Belt in Retail – Online Program

The Black Belt in Retail learning series takes you on a journey to building that best in the world retail machine. It will give you a steady foundation in functional retail skills as well as diving into the adaptive retail specific skills. Whether you are a multi-billion-dollar company or a one-man shop, these sound principles are the foundation to retail greatness. This program will equip you with the power to transform your company into global market leaders, while delivering outstanding profitability.

The Black Belt in Retail program comprises six courses taught using clear, instructional and informative videos and reading materials which include worked out examples and exercises.

The 6 online courses are supported by monthly instructional webinars/masterclasses with retail experts and retail thought leaders who will not only teach you the curriculum but also answer any questions that you may have as you engage in the learning process.

Course 1

ROCKETING RETAIL PROFITS: With Excellence in Merchandise Planning

A store cannot optimize sales, market share, profit or cash without a viable and accurate plan. Guessing about inventory balance, timing, flow and management is no longer sufficient for success. Merchandise planning has a direct impact your business. In addition, you must be well versed in how to select the right source for your merchandise plans.

Great buyers and great sellers are critical to retail success; however, most do not have the love of budgeting, planning, controlling cash flow and managing inventory that is imperative for a healthy bottom line.It’s time to stop operating from the gut and study the facts.

This program will give you an end to end look at the process of Merchandise Planning. It examines the critical functions of buying and planning. It is a program that engages through interactive and practical exercises which will assist in grounding you in the fundamentals and sharpening the skills and insights of those whom are more experienced.

This program can and will add significant dollars to your bottom line.

Get ready to:
  • Learn to optimise sales, margin and stockturn
  • Develop a “bottom-up” sales forecast using history and external trends and data
  • Construct an “Open-To-Buy” plan from budgeted sales, margin, markdown and stockturn
  • Understand the role of the planner in forecasting, ordering and allocation and apply knowledge to improving performance
  • Implement three different forms of analysis in their appropriate context– for tracking, trend and for forecasting

Course 2

PUMP UP YOUR ROI: From Good to Great Buying in retail

Growing a retail business requires expanding: Expanding in terms of increasing physical store locations or getting more customers into the store. But there are several other ways of boosting profits, though these are often overlooked by most retail store owners. While you must be keeping up with figures like total sales, cost of goods sold and overhead costs, having tabs on the following retail metrics will ensure that you are in control of the other elements of your business that ultimately impact your profit margins.

There are various metrics that help us to understand how well we are doing in terms of cost and revenue. This information enables you to analyze your operation, identify problem areas, and take immediate corrective action. These reports contain the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for your business.Managing and measuring those KPIs becomes the key from being a competitor to becoming a market leader.

Create an organization of decision maker who can:
  • Read and interpret Statements of Financial Performance and Position
  • Describe the impact of Buyer/Planner performance on Return on Shareholders’ Funds (ROSF)
  • Identify the impact of buying and planning decisions on Cash Flow and implement plans to improve Cash Flow
  • Develop a markdown management plan
  • Understand Gross Margin Return on Inventory (GMROI) and use GMROI analysis to improve stock productivity

Course 3

POWER UP YOUR RETAIL: Powerful financial excellence for retail store managers)
The day-to-day management of the stores is a critical factor in the successful management within any retail business. Stock represents a large percentage of the working capital in many organizations. Minimizing loss or damage makes a significant contribution to the overall profitability of the business - and is a key part of the stores function. This along with many other operational factors needs to be tracked on a day to day basis.

You will learn the methodologies, principles and practices of good store financial management in order to build confidence, knowledge and awareness of the different facets of cost in a store. It will assist store management in acquiring the knowledge necessary to effectively plan stores and improve efficiency.

The program will deep dive into understanding and analyzing store financials and taking appropriate measures to meet targets.

Calculate, understand and analyse:
  • Average margin using the Contribution to Margin (CTM) method
  • Effect of changes to product mix on average margin
  • Retail price point from cost and the required First Margin
  • Required cost from retail price point and the required First Margin
  • First margin from required Buyer Gross Margin (BGM) and planned markdowns
  • BGM from First margin and markdowns

Course 4

GOOD BUYER – GREAT NEGOTIATOR: Fact-based Negotiation in Retail
Retail professionals are constantly in a stage of negotiation, not just with customers, but also internal and external stakeholders, but more importantly with critical suppliers. Negotiation is an essential skill when it comes to drawing up contracts and building key long-term relationships.

The success of a negotiation is not just through potent convincing power but through managing the process, expectations and the perceptions of all parties in the negotiation. It’s not just the gift of the gab, but it holds a great accountability to putting together an offer that is seen as a win/win and achieves closure without damaging the on-going relationship between the parties concerned.

This program will introduce methods and tactics used by professional negotiators. It focuses on careful analysis and good process management to arrive at the best possible deal for both sides in a negotiation, an agreement that is enthusiastically implemented and accepted.

Influence by:
  • Identifying the relative importance of power elements in a negotiation and apply them to the specific negotiation context
  • Understanding the influence of personality style on communication within negotiation and apply that knowledge to improve outcomes
  • Using concession trading to improve outcomes without compromising your objectives
  • Using knowledge of how suppliers are trained in order to control the negotiation and improve outcome

Course 5

CHECKMATE IN RETAIL: Dynamic Strategy for retailers in a volatile retail environment
Retail has long been a game of testing and learning: trying different things, finding out what works, and doing more of it. But as the industry matures, disciplined mid- and long-term strategic planning and focused execution are becoming indispensable for sustainable performance.

Retailers need to be able to identify pockets of future growth—in new categories, new target groups, or new regional markets. This often requires adapting business models, value propositions, and format strategies to the dynamics of emerging local markets.

This program will provide you with insight into Strategic Decision Making, Retail Marketing Mix and the Retail Business Model. Learn to enhance your business acumen increase your levels of awareness in terms of internal, external and competitive forces.

Learners will:
  • Understand the “Eight Ways To Win” model and highlight the elements in which their business needs to excel
  • Understand 9P’s of retail and its importance in executing strategic goals
  • Detail the product life cycle of their category, and the implications for product development and management
  • Describe the core customer for their business and department in detail including demographic and psychographic factors

Course 6

WINNING FORMULAS IN RETAIL: 108 Retail for Retail Mastery
To have a grip on quantitative business analysis, every retailer should be familiar with the most common industry formulas and be able to apply them in business situations. In this program we explore 108 of the most important formulas related to retail activities that can help you in your daily operations.

Math is used at every level of retailing. From the basic functions of counting money and making change, to computing the total amount of a sales transaction involving calculating percentages to determine discounts, sales tax and shipping charges. More complex retail tasks require more advanced retail math skills.

Use retail math calculators, retail equations and formulas to calculate gross profit margins, cash flow, start-up costs, break even analysis, retail profitability, and dollar planning and control and so much more.

In this program, you will learn:
  • The winning price and margin formulas
  • Merchandise operations formulas for retailers
  • Winning productivity formulas in retail
  • Formulas that every retail CEO should know
  • Supply Chain Formulas
  • Key store Operations Formulas

Retail Mastery Program

As you grow in the sphere of retail we have more in-depth programs such as the Retail Mastery Program  which  will give you practical as well as best practice examples of what it takes to be a world class retailer in the 21st century.
The Retail Mastery Program a number of courses that have been designed to take you on a carefully planned journey towards the best in the world status. The program adopts a strategic, systematic flow in terms of teaching you the skills and knowledge to master the retail process for the 21st century.

The Program emphasizes on the Business & People Development aspect of retail. From learning from past performance to correcting current processes to positioning yourself in the future, this program is an essential end-to-end learning program that will enrich your retail and performance management knowledge.

  • Introduction to Retail
  • Role of Merchandising
  • Category Management
  • District Management
  • Retail Operations Management
  • Store Management for Success
  • Loss Prevention
  • Retail New Age Selling Skills
  • Retail Online Branding
  • Retail Visual Merchandising
  • And many more..

Retail Supply Chain Excellence Program

The Retail Supply Chain Excellence Program has been designed to turn your retail organization into a best practice retailer who relies on integrating your end-to- end supply chain.Discover what you need to focus on in order to make the transformation. Understand how the world has changed and why this means you must reinvent yourself and your business to stay in the game or risk becoming obsolete. 

This Program includes and number of video programs that have been designed from an expert perspective of how Retail is going through a rapid phase of evolution and progression. It deep dives into the evolution of the retail industry and focuses on the fact that the true battle in the retail sphere is the battle of supply chains. The importance of supply chain management in the retail sector and how it has grown over time and has helped the retail sector to increase its sale and the market share. This Program is ideal for anyone interested in a deep insight of retail networks and its supply chain management, knowledge about global best practice, benchmarking and S&OP principles.

  • Retail Supply Chain Management
  • Change Management
  • JIT – Implementation Road Map
  • Setup & Lead Time Reduction
  • Muda, Mura & Muri – the heart of Kaizen
  • 7 Reasons for benchmarking
  • 8 Disciplines – Problem Solving Process
  • Case & Effect – pushing beyond symptoms to discover root causes
  • Failure Modes & Effects Analysis
  • Quality tools for data collection and analysis
  • S&OP Planning
  • Stages of Transport Excellence
  • Retail Integration
  • And many more.....

21 Steps to Retail Success Program

The leadership and managerial modules such as the ‘21 Steps to Retail Success’ are enriched with life experiences and backed by sound theories and models developed exclusively by retail specialists Prakash Menon and Andrew Cavanaugh, whose vision is to create world class retailers across the globe. The fundamentals explored in these modules can be applicable for those who are engaged in any industry.

Each step is an instructional video course.
1. Service Excellence – Think Like a customer act like a partner! A lot of people have forgotten about what the word “service” actually means. It all comes down to the basic human desire of wanting to willingly help another human being. What does it mean for us in the 21st century with a changing world and evolving markets?

2. S & OP Myths – Hear from Prakash Menon, former Director of Supply Chain at Myer. Australia, and his key learning’s, how he broke down silos and how important integration is. He outlines his successes and frustrations in transforming a broken supply chain into a world class operation adding 290 million dollars to the profit line in just 3 years.

3. Reinvent or Disappear – Ever heard of VUCA? Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous. What to survive? Then you need to learn how to reinvent yourself, your marketing offer and your company, or …disappear. It’s all about being proactive!

4. Personal Mastery – Secrets to successful self navigation. This is the first step to the roads towards total mastery. Understanding your levels of personal, purpose and change mastery and how you can mold yourself into being a retail thought leader.

5. Leadership is Decisionship – What deters you from making decisions, when you are standing at the crossroads of plan A and B, what goes through your mind? Have the courage and the flexibility to make a choice and take a chance is what leadership is all about.

6. Influence over Power – Manipulation is a slippery slope and downhill the only possible direction. As leaders, one needs to know the difference between influencing and manipulation, between buy-in and bullying. The intent should always be to engage and serve.

7. In Pursuit of Happiness – Where does your happiness lie? What is your definition of wealth? Discover the 9 forms of wealth and how you can attain true happiness on your life’s journey.

8. Experience Matters – Failure is the fuel, success is a decision. Every experience is a stepping stone to your personality, purpose and ultimately your success. Explore the 3 fold model of Experience, Expertise and Education.

9. 7 Reasons why Retailers Fail – Successful retailers have encountered overnight failure. Together we will examine the 7 reasons why retailers can face failure.

10. Lift Your Performance – Would you like to fast track your retail career? Learn from the experiences of retail expert and thought leader Prakash Menon as he shares his stories of change, action, self-reflection and mind-set.

11. Commit to Succeed - Learn the true meaning of commitment and the actions that follow it. Failures are a part of life, and despite being committed we are sometimes not able to succeed, what do you do then? Learn the pillars of what it takes to succeed.

12. Work Smarter Not Harder – As a leader, how do you engage your teams and turn them into high performance working structures? How do you as an individual learn to become mega – productive and thus drive yourself, your teams and your organization towards goal achievement and success.

13. High Performance Team - There is no room for second best in the 21st century. How do you strive to achieve greatness in a hyper competitive environment? As a leader you need to influence and rally your team and mobilize them in pursuit of a better future.

14. The Master Apprentice - We never every stop learning. As a continuous learning take place, we should not keep fixated on past successes and failures but rather use them to fast track your way to the top.

15. Super Star to Super Nova – The moment you think that you can romanticize and live on past laurels, you can be assured that you’re heading into a black hole. We need to stop playing the super star game, and play the super nova game.

16. The 3 C’s of Success – Whether you are looking for fulfillment, achieving greater organizational outcomes or step up in the workplace, you need to understand the 3 C’s. Choices. Chances. Changes.

17. How to Drive Your Inner Self towards Success – What is it that you believe? Our belief system is formed by who we are, where we come from and how we grew up, however we can reset that to acquire a belief system that can lead us towards a more positive approach to life and to success.

18. 2 Drives for Commitment to Success – While you may be committed to something you may not always be successful. Lets take a look at the 2 drivers that can transform unwavering commitment into success… Engagement and Focus.

19. Learn to Earn – Money is not the secret to being wealthy. Learn the 9 different forms of wealth and how there is so much more to life than money.

20. Retail Imperatives for the 21st century – In times of uncertainty and complexity it’s becoming increasing difficult for retailers to stay afloat. Retail organizations suffer from similar shortcomings. Together with Prakash Menon we will investigate these pain points and zone in on the key retail imperatives.

21. Ordinary to Extraordinary – We are all created to be unique, so it’s important to be able to define and distinguish yourself from everybody else. Prakash Menon will help you top step out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary.

Retail Ninja Program

The Retail Ninja Program focuses on career acceleration, and is designed for leaders who know that
o being the runner up or second best will never be good enough if you are to rise to the top
o with the increased level of responsibility comes formidable challenges
o in order to succeed there is a need for global intelligence, innovation and the creation of exceptional value

This program promises to give you the tools to do exactly that.
o Stand out from the crowd and be recognized as the top 1% in any organization
o Be inspired by someone who has been to the top and has been mentored by the world’s best himself
o Uncover the best in you while leveraging on the experience of a specialist.
o Become an aspirational leader worth following
o Fast track your career and achieve outstanding success as you transition into any new leadership role
o Adapt to a new work environment and country and maintain work-life balance
o Generating high-level performance
o Develop your sales and persuasive skills to suit the next generation business environment thought the art of oration
o Lift your communication & story telling skills to become a world-class speaker with the ability to inspire and influence - the key skill for the 21st Century Leader
o Learn proven strategies for getting up to speed smarter and faster

The program contains life changing courses to assist in every stage of transition.

Retail Millionaire Expert Program

The Retail Millionaire Expert Program focuses on career transitioning and is designed for retailers who are looking to transition into forming or leading their own enterprises

The program is a specialist one of a kind transitioning program that will take you on a journey of:

o Mastering the art of strategic thinking by capturing, packaging, positioning and selling your thoughts
o Working smarter, not harder, by utilizing the productivity toolkit, which will assist you in achieving more with greater efficiency and speed
o Over coming limiting beliefs about oneself and opening up the road to success, achieving goals and dreaming bigger
o Leaving a legacy and living the kind of life you have always wanted
o Positioning yourself as an authority - be known for knowing something not only in the company but also in the industry
o Creating a definitive action plan that details what to do and what to avoid at each stage of your development
o Communicating your game plan to ensure maximum internal and external traction.

Both programs have an amazing curriculum that deepens the discovery of the individual in a retail sphere.

You will:
o Develop your personal Thought Leadership style and skills
o Practice transforming experiences into learning opportunities
o Build on your positioning power, enabling personal and professional growth
o Accelerate your career through positive and sustainable behavior changes
o Receive highly focused development and support tailored to your own particular challenges
o Define your career vision and create a leadership development plan that integrates values and strengths using the 9 essential skills

The program contains revolutionary courses to assist in every stage of your journey towards success.

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