Shruti Nargundkar

Director @NEXTEXT

I have found Prakash to be one of the most inspiring people I met in a long time. His work, his thoughts and ideas, his persona, his enthusiasm for life, learning and mentoring, the success he has achieved in the corporate world and the energy he exudes are simply astonishing and marvellous, and yet he is so refreshingly down to earth, humble and charming!

Vineet Ahuja

Business Advisor @ AMTIL

PK has become a mentor to me and every occasion I have spent time with him, I have come out inspired, resolute and with answers that are full of wisdom. He has introduced me to Thought Leadership and the programmes that I have attended have transformed me and put me on a journey I covet. I hope to hang on to his coat-tail in future and come up to his belief in me.