Sundar Kondur - Senior Vice President, 

Times Of India Group 

Prabhakar Cheriyadth - Director

Gopalan Group Of Industries

Sadhna Menon - Founder/Art Advisor, 

Art And Beyond

Nikate Khaitan - Founder Trustee

Awareness Foundation

Matt Church

Founder Of Thought Leaders

Prakash 'PK' is an extraordinary individual. He is someone who will fast become one of your trusted advisors should you meet with him. No doubt his professional career qualifies him as one of the leading authorities on Retail Supply Chains and personal leadership.


I highly recommend PK to anyone wanting to get ahead in life. 

Shiv Iyer

Vice President @ Hashtag Consulting

In a very long time, I have not come across a more powerful author and speaker , a more charismatic leader and, most importantly, a more refined individual and human being of the order of Prakash. He constitutes one of those rare breed of multi-talented individuals and perhaps belongs to the top 1% of the human talent on this planet, who have the capacity to consistently weave success. 

Simon Ward

Managing Director @ Tauro Capital

Prakash is one of the most exciting and interesting people i have ever met in business. He's obviously an incredibly accomplished professional but he's also a man of action, who uses his impeccable judgement and vision to back entrepreneurs and businesses with his capital and support at the outset.


He has my vote for the most influential and important contact i have made in the last 12 months of business. 

Michael Henderson

Corporate Anthropologist @Transforming Workplace Cultures

Prakash is vastly experienced in business, who offers his clients a combination of strategic perspectives, mixed with tactical ideas, that are easy to understand and execute for results.


Prakash is approachable, knowledgeable, and an expert in business practice. I would recommend his services to any organisations dedicated to achieving improved results.

Mark Hodgson

Leadership Coach, Australia

PK is a man of integrity and vision. He has a steely determination to help others succeed and is a genuine thought leader in the field of logistics and supply chain. I am honoured to count Prakash as a friend and mentor and recommend him unreservedly.

Phaedra Pym

Author, Journalist, Australia

I have had the great privilege of working closely with Prakash (or PK as he is known to his friends and close business associates) for almost 2 years. During this time I have come to know him as the consummate professional and one of the most passionate, driven and genuine businesspeople I know.


Not only do the phenomenal results PK has achieved in his career speak volumes about his capabilities, but the testimonials he receives from others also give us an insight into a man who finds it an absolute honour and privilege to help others and leave a lasting legacy. In my experience, this is a rare quality in the 21st century and something that truly stands PK apart from others.


An inspiring speaker, author, mentor and trainer, PK combines strong proven business acumen with wit, wisdom, honesty and a refreshingly humble, down to earth manner.

Nisha Sanjeev

Strategist Womens Transformation, Dubai

An eminent Thought Leader! An astute Strategist! A steadfast Motivator! A walking encyclopedia of evetything Retail!  Prakash Menon is all these and more. 


Quick-witted, grounded and ever-positive, there is no dull moment when PK is around. A thorough professional, he never allows personal issues affect his duty and commitments. He is a leader, whom you can entrust your vision with, rest assured he will help you unfurl your dreams!  

Sandeep Gupta

Business Transformation Specialist, Dubai 

PK is a minefield of multiple dimensions - experience, knowledge, insights, magnanimity and humility.


Any amount of hours spent listening to him will not be sufficient.

Neen James

Sales And Leadership Speaker, USA

If you want to learn from one of the most driven, accomplished, inspirational people - you must meet PK! PK's journey from rags to riches will both inspire and motivate you to do more, be more and have a bigger impact on the planet.


His distinguished career in both India and Australia has included some of the most senior roles in retail and hospitality. His effect on the retail world will be felt for many years to come. Each time I partner with him in the global thought leadership community, I am in awe of his brilliance, his drive and his commitment to those around him. PK is a thought leader creating an impact on the planet

Judith Waugh

eLearning Designer, Australia

PK is a visionary person who lead you and your teams to lead themselves and others. There are few people I know who can transform and utilise a 30-year journey, results of personal success and professional experience, to then share their expertise and vision with others on platform of Global Thought Leaders.


Book the next session in your diary and commit to the change you want to make. I recommend Prakash as a business partner who will show you the systems that give you those changing results. 

Shruti Nargundkar

Director @NEXTEXT

I have found Prakash to be one of the most inspiring people I met in a long time. His work, his thoughts and ideas, his persona, his enthusiasm for life, learning and mentoring, the success he has achieved in the corporate world and the energy he exudes are simply astonishing and marvellous, and yet he is so refreshingly down to earth, humble and charming!

Vineet Ahuja

Business Advisor @ AMTIL

PK has become a mentor to me and every occasion I have spent time with him, I have come out inspired, resolute and with answers that are full of wisdom. He has introduced me to Thought Leadership and the programmes that I have attended have transformed me and put me on a journey I covet. I hope to hang on to his coat-tail in future and come up to his belief in me.

Scott Hill

Former Lead NRL Player And Agent 

Prakash has an amazing ability to help individuals gain clarity in their personal strengths and how to commercialise them into reality.


After working with Prakash and his team I personally was able to reach targets and levels that I thought was impossible. I do not hesitate in recommending PK through his knowledge, experience and genuine compassion to see his students succeed.

Maria Camerrotto

Business Owner

I worked with Prakash and apart from the wealth of supply chain knowledge he has, I admired his interpersonal skills which gained him the utmost respect from all levels within the hierarchy of the business.


The reason for this was that he truly believes in the business philosophies he delivered, i.e., it was not just a sales pitch; his own drive and determination makes him a great mentor which is what you would expect from someone reaching out to the most influential people within a business.

Gihan Perera

Futurist, Author, Conference Speaker, Australia

Prakash is the consummate professional, who does everything possible to set and achieve the highest standards. I'm constantly inspired by the size and scale of his vision and goals, and continue to be impressed by his ability to follow through in making them happen.

John Symons

Retired CEO/CFO, Australia

Prakash has limitless energy and passion and a very keen sense of business.


Whether you are seeking engaging keynotes or coaching and mentoring with private stretch, challenge and support, I recommend PK to you. He is one of those rare people who has deep integrity and capability and stands behind his conviction to you. 

Prashanta Mishra

Mentor, Trainer, Facilitator, India

Prakash is a dynamic individual with burning desire and matching capability to be counted among The Best in his field of expertise- Supply Chain Management.


Believing in walking-a-inch but going-mile-deep, makes him an Absolute Authority in his Subject and also a Thought Leader. A very pleasant individual and a great Mentor. He possess an enviable Public Speaking ability and his workshops are immense experience. Already a Role Model for budding Infopreuners, he will soon be seen rubbing shoulders with the best in the Industry.

Cerian Griffiths

The Ghost Who Writes, Australia

Prakash "PK" Menon, is a universe of his own building. Highly articulate, exceedingly intelligent, a strategic thinker, PK has an innate understanding of human nature, and is a veritable font of knowledge. Not only wise, he has an excellent grasp of communication skills and use of language.


His people skills are second to none, and I can't imagine he is anything other than an excellent mentor. Anyone would be lucky to achieve a position under PK's wing, and he will only be of benefit to those around him, both in a knowledge aspect, a sharing one, but also just his imparting of trust and his 'to the point' honest approach. He has a great sense of humor and his positivity is infectious. Prakash Menon is the real deal. He will greatly benefit anyone who chooses to pursue a professional relationship with him, and I look forward to working with him in the future. I feel fortunate to be able to do so.

Anil Chandhok

Senior Retail Executive, Australia 

I am fortunate to have worked with PK for a number of years at MYER luxury retail stores, Pepsico & TAJ hotels.


PK is truly an inspirational and a charismatic leader at an organisation level and also at a personal level he is my coach & a mentor, and touched my life in a number of ways, I have always known him to be a thorough & a committed professional, who not only excelled in his strategic roles but also have the ability to take on new projects that were challenging & critical to the company's growth.

Eshan Naumann

Brand Manager, Hardie Grant Egmont, Australia

I have known PK since re-settling back into Australia for almost 10 years.


Our meeting in Myer was a matter of destiny or chance, that I'm still trying to figure that one out. However, one thing I am certain about is, PK has been a much valued inspiration in my career and a truly gifted person. In my last meeting with PK. he said: "Ehsan, aim for that Khalifa, nothing is impossible" (which he meant was the Burj Al Khalifah in Dubai, the tallest building in the world). But always make sure that with each stage you climb, look back and reflect yourself of how you managed to negotiate your critical pathway.


This will make your journey to the summit a lot easier. Not only as a mentor, but also as a friend I have found him extremely approachable to share my aspirations and he has been equally honest and candid with his constructive suggestions. People like PK are rare. With a humble background when he first stated his new beginning in Sydney to being a successful orator, mentor and professional not only deserves my admiration but also have the honour of having him as my mentor.

Bernie Brookes

Former CEO, EDCON South Africa, Former CEO, MYER, Australia 

Paul Delaoutre

President Retail, Al Futtaim, Dubai

Former CEO, Galleries LaFayette

B.S. Nagesh

Founder, TRRAIN, - Trust For Retailers And Retail Associates Of India, 

Former Non Executive Vice Chairman, Shoppers Stop, India

Salil Nair

Former CEO, Shoppers Stop, India

The ‘Black Belt in Retail series is not only an excellent tool for students of retail but for anyone who wants to start a retail business and make it successful. Even for veterans who wish to brush up their skills, the ‘Black Belt in Retail series’ is an excellent source.


The courses cover the entire spectrum of retailing and arms one with the right knowledge, skills, and strategies required to become confident and aware of the tools to be used and when.


Simply well explained with worksheets and exercises, the series makes one absolutely confident.

Manohar Kamath

CXO, Myantra, India

Former COO, Shoppers Stop, India

Wassim Karkabi

CEO, Managing Partner, Greater China, Stanton Chase

Managing Partner, Deputy Chairman Of The Board, Middle East, Stanton Chase

Nick Peel

Managing Director, Edinburgh St James

Former CEO, Marka Holdings, Dubai


Panos Manolopoulos

Global Leader, Board Services, Stanton Chase, Dubai 

Vice Chairman, Business Excellence, Stanton Chase, Dubai

Cherian Varghese

Regional Managing Director & VP, Oracle, Singapore 

Hussam Raouf

Managing Director, Mont Hill

Former Executive Director, EMMAR PROPERTIES, Dubai

Maher Al Tebakhi

Division Manager, Retail Delta Marketing Co LTD, Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia 

Rajeev Kakar

Global Co founder, Fullerton Financial Holdings, Singapore

Founder, Managing Director On The Board, & CEO, Dubai